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Member Testimonials
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Mission Statement

“We rebranded the Maine Restaurant Association and the Maine Innkeepers Association into the most natural progression of all time —  HospitalityMaine. The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and we have a lot of struggles, just as many industries do. When you put a lot of like-minded, smart-thinking people together in one room they come up with a lot of solutions and strategic plans. And thats what this new organization, formed out of two older organizations, is all about.

 — David Turin, owner of David’s Restaurant and HM board member.


We are very fortunate to have an organization like HospitalityMaine out there representing the industry the way it does.” — Vanessa Santarelli, Your Maine Concierge.


“What brought me into the Association was the tip credit debacle that happened via the popular vote. This was a change of my business model that potentially could have put us out of business.” — Kerry Altiero, owner of Cafe Miranda.

 There was a concerted effort by the Maine Restaurant Association to bring the information to us so we knew what was going on. It was good to have that voice, our voice, your voice amplified in Augusta. We had something by the numbers and people heard us.”


“The power of the two groups together is more significant than two groups working on their own.” — Bob Smith, owner of Sebasco Harbor Resort. “We can do it better if we work together.”