Covid-19 Resources and Links
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  Maine Hospitality, Tourism and Retail Recovery Plan
  COVID-19 Supplies
  Maine Travel Restrictions
  Mental Health and Stress Management Training Course
  De-Escalation Training Course

 Lodging Resources:

 COVID-19 Lodging Readiness Course
 Lodging Opening Checklist
 Maine Lodging Promise
 Virus Control Guidelines for Hotels
 Restaurant Resources:

 COVID-19 Restaurant Readiness Course
 Restaurant Opening Checklist
 Maine Restaurant Promise
 Alcohol Delivery Guidelines
 Best Practices for Take-Out, Curbside, Delivery
 Virus Control Guidelines for Restaurants
 Other Resources:

 Unemployment Insurance FAQs
 PPE Resources
 Special Offers from our Allied Members
 What if COVID-19 strikes my employee or guest?

PowerPoint Presentation by Jim Erwin and Katy Rand of Pierce Atwood