How to Apply
How to Apply

Browse through the list of Employer/Hosts in each category below.

Contact the Employer/Host and apply for a job. Be sure to indicate on your application that you are interested in an apprenticeship.

Prepare for a successful job interview. Nail the interview.

Accept the position when offered, and continue to discuss your interest in an apprenticeship with your employer.

 Apprentice's Commitments:

1. Apply for financial assistance (CSSP) through the MDOL Career Center.
2. Submit to an initial academic assessment by your employer.
3. Sign Apprenticeship Agreement Registration Form (Appendix B) with Employer, committing to the program.
4. Apprentice signs receipt of rules and policies.
5. Perform diligently and faithfully the work of the occupation and other pertinent duties assigned by the Employer and in accordance with rules and policies of the program.
6. Respect the property of the Employer and abide by the working rules and regulations of the Employer.
7. Attend and satisfactorily complete the required hours of on-the-job-learning.
8. Attend and satisfactorily complete the Related Instruction as required by the program.
9. Maintain a passing grade of C or higher.
10. Maintain records of work experience and education received in the program as may be required by the Employer.
11. Make records of work experience and education received available upon request by Employer, HM, and/or MDOL.

12. Work for Employer through the completion of the apprenticeship unless, by mutual agreement, the Apprentice is reassigned to another employer: the Apprenticeship Agreement is terminated by the Apprentice; or the Employer.

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