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New report reveals hospitality’s lead role in Maine’s economy​

Wednesday, November 27, 2019  
Posted by: Kathleen Pierce
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AUGUSTA, Maine — HospitalityMaine commissioned a new study from the University of Maine that tracks the industry’s economic impact across the state. 

According to research by university professors Todd Gabe and Andrew Crawley, one in 10 Mainers are now employed in hospitality, making it one of Maine's top employers. The report, the first of its kind, identifies the importance of hospitality jobs and their economic impact broken out by counties statewide. 

With dozens of job categories analyzed, including salary ranges, the report sheds clarifying light on a sprawling, sometimes misunderstood industry.  

“This landmark study confirms the size and scope of Maine’s hospitality industry,” said Steve Hewins, CEO of HospitalityMaine, the non-profit trade group that represents the industry. “Having the range of jobs and pay scales from all across the state gives people an idea that that industry is diverse and filled with opportunities.”

According to the report, entry level positions start in the low $20,000s and can exceed $178,000 for a seasoned general manager. Hospitality continues to be a powerhouse in Maine, generating nearly $7B and employing 79,000 workers in 2018.

Higher-paying occupations in the hospitality sector include food service managers, general and operation managers, chefs and head cooks, and lodging managers, the report states. 

With such potential and growth in Vacationland, hospitality can be an on ramp to a sustained livelihood. “This is breakthrough hard data,” said Hewins, “We know the importance of the industry and this validates it.”

The analysis is based on data from Maine Revenue Services, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Maine Center for Workforce Research and Information.