About Us

HospitalityMaine is keenly focused on the number one issue facing our members – securing a capable and reliable workforce.  With unemployment at record low levels and Maine’s unenviable position as the oldest state in the nation, the growth and sustainability of Maine’s hospitality industry is severely threatened by a shortage of employees.  Unfortunately, hiring foreign temporary workers to fill peak seasonal needs is by no means a permanent solution.  Not only are these H2B and J1 workers costly to secure, transport and house, but the Federal program itself is unreliable due to the changing political landscape, red tape and caps on the amount of workers who are allowed to participate.

The long term solution is to develop our own hospitality workforce.  This starts with changing the negative perceptions and old narratives about the hospitality industry.  We do this by communicating the new opportunities and long term career paths that are available in our expanding industry.  HospitalityMaine is actively engaging the public, schools and policymakers about this, and explaining the excellent opportunities available to young people, retired people, and disadvantaged populations.    

Our newly announced HospitalityMaine Apprenticeship Program will allow us to ‘home grow’ our hospitality workforce for the future.  In a ground-breaking collaboration with the Maine Department of Labor and the Maine Community College System we created a ‘Work While You Learn’ program that combines a full time job, with scheduled raises, and classroom training resulting in a certificate in either culinary arts or hospitality services.  In addition, apprentices earn college credits at the same time and can continue on to Associate or Bachelor degrees.  

Find. Dine. Stay.

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Support. Education. Advocacy.

Support: Providing the programs, tools and information to ensure the success of our members.

Education: From high school CTE programs to apprenticeships; from college to ongoing workforce development; HospitalityMaine is the state’s leader in hospitality training and education.

Advocacy: no one fights harder everyday to ‘have your back’ and protect the interests of the hospitality industry locally, statewide or nationally.