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RFSME is HospitalityMaine's Political Action Committee (PAC).  Our "PAC" allows HospitalityMaine members and members' employees to financially support candidates who support our industry. Our PAC is the "on the record, ethical system for supporting candidates and industry issues.

We must support candidates who believe in our industry and support our issues. Political decisions in Augusta determine your ability to do business in Maine and earn a just profit. Failing to pay attention to what Government is doing to business in general and to our industry in particular is like ignoring a major new competitor in your neighborhood. You would not ignore the actions of your competitor. Can you afford to ignore the actions of Government? Government has been ignored for so long Maine is now ranked 1st in Taxation and 48th in the nation as a "business friendly state."

The important thing is to elect the best candidates who will strive to balance the budget, lower the tax burden on Maine citizens and get our economy moving again!

It is your PAC, Your Choice, Your Voice! It requires Your Action!

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